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Laureland is an emotive, storytelling team of two that celebrates young love, family, and friendship in the form of films. It’s a place for you to live out your dreams. Our formula is simple: you create the memories, and we take care of the rest.


In 2018 I graduated with a journalism degree in hand, ready to change the world. I filmed my first wedding as a favor to a friend, but it must have been divine intervention. I fell instantly in love with the experience. So I founded this video production company with a goal: to give every person the power to claim their story. Now, in 2021, we have filmed over 50 weddings and in 10 states across the country. I think of Laureland as more of an experience than it is another vendor to hire. We get our kicks from helping others, and creating fun, laid-back experiences. We have the ability to create a living memory. We just want to share that gift with the world.

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Our love story

Travis and I met as co-workers at a craft brewery in West Virginia. After many late nights spent side-by-side, a friendship developed. But our story really begins with an invitation to a game night at my tiny, post-grad apartment. I had no idea that Travis was a practicing musician and a ride-or-die rock and roll fan. So when I gave him the grand tour, I didn’t think he’d have any interest in my vintage music room. Years later, I learned this was a defining moment in our relationship. Travis says he took one look at my vinyl collection and knew in that moment he had to make me his girlfriend. And he did.

Six months later, we packed up my Volkswagen Jetta and drove a lap around the country. Every year following, we’ve made a big trip to a different place on our bucket lists: Peru, Japan, and Philippines to name a few. Travis and I share so many passions: music, travel, adventure... But our greatest drive as humans is a shared responsibility to tell stories. Stories have the power to connect people across cultures, space and time. It’s what allows the human spirit to flourish from generation to generation. And that’s why we use storytelling as a foundation to every film we create.

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  • Self-proclaimed “Queen” of Laureland

  • Founder and lead filmmaker/editor

  • Lover of neo-noir cinema and movie soundtracks

  • Eager Beaver

  • Scorpio/Enneagram 4 – maybe the
    most hopeless romantic you’ll ever meet

  • Pianist

  • Mac ‘n cheese enthusiast

  • Travel junkie 



  • FAA Drone Pilot and associate filmmaker

  • Grew up in the mountains of West Virginia

  • Happiest when fishing

  • Spirit animal: Mountain Goat

  • Always reads the book before seeing the movie

  • Cookie Monster and Wedding cake fiend

  • Drummer

  • Pokémon Master

  • Bourbon connoisseur