Why It Matters Where You Get Ready

After filming dozens of weddings, I can confidently give this piece of advice to brides: don’t get ready just anywhere.

Photographers and videographers see this all too often. After countless hours spent planning and prepping for the rest of the wedding, the “getting ready” part often gets thrown to the side. The problem with getting ready anywhere is that there could be really flat lighting, it could be too cramped to get the shots needed, or maybe the décor is tacky and outdated. After investing so much in your big day, it would be a shame if the beginning part of your film looked lackluster compared to the rest of it.

Of course, it’s not like you want to add anything to your wedding “to-do” list, but whether it’s a pretty hotel room, a chic AirBnB, or the bridal suite offered by your venue, making the decision to get ready in a beautiful space will dramatically elevate your photos and video. Here are some things that really make a difference:

Big windows & natural light

There is a reason photographers and videographers often place a bride and groom by the window during pre-ceremony prep time and portraits. Natural light creates soft, creamy skin tones and dramatic, moody shadows for a dreamy and cinematic look that makes you look damn good. Plus, your hair and makeup artist will love you for it! Simply put, nothing beats natural light.

All the space

The perfect getting ready spot will have enough space for the actual getting ready part, and for portraits afterwards. No matter what level of neat freak you are, there is inevitably going to several bags, clothes, food wrappers, and drinks laying around the room. So, try to visualize a space where those things can be tucked away or a room that can be preserved for photos and film. Let’s not pull an HBO and leave a Starbucks cup on set!

Catch you outside

A nice outdoor area is a perfect and fun setting for pre-ceremony shots with your girls. And, if you’re considering a first look, this would be a great place to execute that as well. You and your groom can share a moment without having to worry about other guests seeing you before the ceremony, so you can still count on some jaws hitting the floor when you walk down the aisle!

Budget friendly

Of course, I love the boujie and elegant spaces as much as the next person, but don’t feel like you HAVE to spend more money on a swanky place that doesn’t fit you or your vibe. One of my all-time favorite places to film a bride getting ready was at her grandmother’s house. Her family was super close, so being able to capture intimate details like the family photos really helped create a meaningful film.

Not sure where you should get ready? Reach out to Lauren at lauren@laurelandfilms.com or through either of our social media accounts for a free brainstorming session!

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