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Parmida & Scott

ONE incredible love story.

This two part wedding project has been such a creative journey. When P & S first inquired with us, they shared their two wedding plan with us. There would be one wedding in the US with their family, and then a second wedding in Australia with their friends. Below, you'll find links to both videos. 


In wedding video #1, it was important that we were able to capture the essence of the day so that their loved ones back in Australia could really experience the day as it happened.

Their wedding day had so many quirky and laugh-out-loud moments and we wanted to feature all the silly banter and good fun with the family and friends they hadn’t seen in years. 

Following a beautiful wedding day with family and friends in the USA, Parmida and Scott head back to their home in Australia for a second celebration. The Koonyum Range Retreat served as a beautiful and secluded venue overlooking a distant Byron Bay coastline. This was our second wedding with Parmida and Scott, but it was here that we got to dive so deep into their journey and relationship. 

After witnessing a more formal, traditional event with the very people it all began with, it was a totally surreal and special experience to fast forward with them to their current point in life. It isn't very often we get to be part of the aftermath of a wedding day, much less get to film two events for a couple! This was an incredible experience for us in so many ways, and we're just truly so thankful and honored to have been part of it.

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