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Karys & Blaine

Stone Tower Winery
Leesburg, Virginia

After eight years experiencing so many milestones together, Karys and Blaine got married at Stone Tower Winery, one of Virginia premiere wedding venues. Karys and Blaine met during their senior of high school. They attended schools about thirty miles apart, but the spark between them was undeniable. After a short time together, they made the commitment to keep their relationship going despite attending college in different states. After a single year, Blaine transferred to be with Karys. It's almost as if the universe was telling them they just HAD to be together. So many tearful and joyful moments from the day, but one of our favorites was the first look with Karys and her Dad. You can tell these two have a very close bond and we were so glad to be able to include his insightful speech into their highlight film. His perspective was so wholesome and we loved being able to hear the history of Blaine and Karys from the perspective of the family!

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